Orange County ACM
NFTs - Fad or Leading Trend?
May 18, 2022
7:00 PM Pacific Time
In the past year, NFTs have moved into all sectors of the news. In March of 2021, Mike Winklemann, known as Beeple, had his "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" NFT auctioned off by the famous Christie's Auction house for an amazing $69 Million dollars. Facebook became Meta, the Staples Center became Arena, and the Cryptopunk collection of 10,000 16px x 16px generative images have amassed sales of over $100 Million.

In April, Pak shattered Beeple's record with Merge which sold $93.1 Million worth of his NFT project.

What are NFTs? Are they a fad or a trend? How are they being used and what does the future hold? Join us as Cynthia Kirkeby gives an overview of this unique blockchain sector at the May OC ACM meeting.

This event will be entirely virtual. All attendees should register using the Zoom registration link above.

Cynthia Kirkeby
Cynthis Kirkeby

Cynthia started her first business in college creating custom ink drawings with people’s names incorporated into designs. The company later became a design firm as she received degrees in Graphic Design & Illustration, and English with an emphasis on writing. Recently, she has been experimenting with AI enhanced art and unique forms of NFT editions, as well as the intersection of NFTs and the authentication of non-digital assets.

Throughout her life, the basic idea has been to solve a problem to create an interesting company. Ms. Kirkeby has owned companies in a number of industry sectors, and she holds multiple patents in both advertising and authentication technologies. Her current ventures include IMPRINT Adtech™, Wiz-a-Witz™, and Covert Ink ™.

Over the past decade, Cynthia has been an Innovation Advisor at UC Irvine, RevHub, Chapman University, and Cal State Fullerton, and she’s currently on the Board of Advisors for the UCI Beall Masters of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) program. She’s also been honored to serve as a member of the Board of Advisors for a number of startups in Southern California, including M8 Systems, Antina, Circular, Nutripair, Neoboard, and 123 Baby Box.

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