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We welcome all interested members, ideas and contributions. We are a non-profit organization whose members include professionals involved in software research and development, from algorithms and computing theory to big data applications, from medical devices and communications to national defense, from computer graphics and scientific visualization to computer games and entertainment. Literally any and all applications to which computer technology has been applied or is yet to be invented are encompassed by your fellow professionals in the ACM.
Dimensions of Change: Measurements for a Metaverse
Jan 19, 2022
7:00 PM Pacific Time
Approaching its 30th birthday, the notion of a "metaverse" (from Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash) is getting new attention as an arena of new technologies, business models, and behaviors. As a space for creation and combination, it calls for measurement of how we're progressing, and of how far apart we are from each other in what we're trying to do and what we'll call "success." Peter Coffee joins us for a new examination of potential innovations, present trends, and lessons worth remembering from past attempts to achieve similar goals.

Peter Coffee

Peter Coffee

Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, begins his sixteenth year with the company in January 2022. He works with customers, partners and account teams, regulators and other stakeholders to accelerate digital transformation and customer engagement innovation, addressing both long-term global opportunities and immediate pandemic-endgame plans and follow-ups. Peter spent his eighteen years pre-Salesforce in technology journalism, preceded by ten years of project field work and technology management for petrochemical and aerospace operations including time with The Aerospace Corporation and with the Western Division of what was then Exxon Corporation. He received his engineering degree from MIT and his MBA from the Graziadio School at Pepperdine University; he has lectured on innovation practices and AI techniques at Stanford, CalTech, Harvard Business School, and MIT's Media Lab and Sloan School of Management. He is co-founder and President of the Foundation for Intelligent Life on Earth, a Seattle-based nonprofit supporting initiatives in climate change research and mitigation, STEAM education, and exploration of earth and space. His writing appears occasionally at Diginomica, with notes on what he's reading on Twitter @petercoffee

This event is co-sponsored by the IEEE Orange County Computer Society and the Los Angeles Chapter of the ACM

Program Events

We hold program meetings on the third Wednesday of odd-numbered months with speakers drawn from both industry and academia. We welcome program speakers from a broad range of topics, but are especially interested in the topics of data science, AI and machine learning, blockchain, predictive analytics, data visualization, and cybersecurity. Interested speakers may reach out to our Program Coordinator at

Upcoming Programs

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022
7:00 PM Pacific Time

Dimensions of Change: Measurements for a Metaverse
Peter Coffee

Past Programs

At meetup
Date Event Presenter Meetup Slides YouTube
17-Nov-2021 Machine Learning Computer Architecture Enhancements Nader Bagherzadeh, PhD Meetup Video
15-Sept-2021 Automated Influence (AI?) - What Could Go Wrong? Rand Waltzman, PhD Meetup Video
21-Jul-2021 GIS, Location Data, Imagery and Machine Learning Dr Steven Steinberg Meetup Slides Video
19-May-2021 Causal Analysis and Software and Systems Engineering Dr Jim Alstad and
Dr Anandi Hira
Meetup Slides Video
17-Apr-2021 Data Science in Action Dr. Arvind Sathi and Neena Sathi Meetup
17-Mar-2021 Why Your Privacy Matters Brad Kelso and Steve Kepler Meetup Slides Video
20-Jan-2021 The 5G Revolution Lola Awoniyi-Oteri, PhD Meetup Slides Video
18-Nov-2020 Big Data Analytics with Apache AsterixDB Michael Carey, PhD Meetup Slides Video
16-Sep-2020 Integrating Named Data Networking in Connected Communities Syed Hassan Ahmed, PhD Meetup Slides Video
15-Jul-2020 Personal Privacy Frank Ury Meetup Slides Video
20-May-2020 The Threat in your Pocket:
Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in
Mobile Application Security
Dr. Sam Malek Meetup Slides Video
26-Feb-2020 Workshop: Pop-Up Data Mart for Sales & Marketing Analysis with Machine Learning Oracle - Hands-On Workshop Meetup Info
15-Jan-2020 Parallel Agile and ICSM Dr. Barry Boehm and Doug Rosenberg Meetup Slides
20-Nov-2019 AI for Good Neil Sahota Meetup Slides Video
23-Oct-2019 Workshop: Building Python Apps with Autonomous Transaction Processing in No Time Oracle Meetup Info
18-Sep-2019 Lessons Learned Building and Selling a Mobile App Business Ralf Brockhaus, MS Meetup Slides
17-Jul-2019 Cybersecurity: Tales From The Trenches Dave Collins Meetup Slides
15-May-2019 Cybersecurity: How Worried Should We Be? Bryan Cunningham Meetup Slides
20-Mar-2019 Memories of Tomorrow Tom Coughlin, PhD Meetup Slides
16-Jan-2019 Planning for Large-Scale Multi-Robot Systems Sven Koenig, PhD Meetup
07-Nov-2018 Computational Challenges in High-throughput DNA Sequencing Michael Weinstein, PhD Meetup Slides Video
19-Sep-2018 Docker - Approaching the Holy Grail for Software Distribution Ryan Smith Meetup Slides Video
18-Jul-2018 Bringing Blockchain to Global Enterprise Ben Taylor Meetup Slides Video
16-May-2018 Quantum Computing : State of Play Justin Dressel, PhD Meetup Sildes Video
21-Mar-2018 The Use of AI Diagnostics in Healthcare Sharief Taraman, MD Meetup Video
10-Jan-2018 One World, One Internet, Many Futures Sigmund Fidyke Meetup Slides Video
09-Nov-2017 Experiences Implementing DevOps Sanja Maru
Steve Mason
Marc Tamsky
Meetup Slides Video
13-Sep-2017 Proof or Consequences Gerard Holzmann, PhD Meetup Video
12-Jul-2017 Explaining Black-Box Machine Learning Predictions Sameer Singh, PhD Meetup Slides Video
10-May-2017 Saving Power in the Data Center Marios Papaefthymiou Meetup Saving
08-Mar-2017 Cyber Attacks and Defenses: Trends, Challenges, and Outlook Michael Franz Meetup
11-Jan-2017 Connection, Collection, Concentration - Evolving to the Intelligent Experience Peter Coffee Meetup Slides
09-Nov-2016 The Diversity of the Cyber Threat Landscape Brian Wallace Meetup Slides
14-Sep-2016 An Intellectual Property Primer For Software Developers John King, JD Meetup Slides
13-Jul-2016 The Past, Present and Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality Jacquelyn Morie Meetup Slides
11-May-2016 The Desktop 3D Printing Revolution and The Software Behind It Erick Wolf Meetup Slides
09-Mar-2016 Distributed Applications at Scale with the Elastic Container Service (ECS) Curd Zechmeister Meetup
13-Jan-2016 Computing at the Edge of the Internet of Things Mark Bachman Meetup
11-Nov-2015 Big Data: Hope or Hype? Padhraic Smyth Meetup Slides
09-Sep-2015 Breaking the Data Science Bottleneck Oren Goldschmidt Meetup
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Upcoming Meetings of the ACM OC Chapter Executive Committee

November 24, 2021
12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Zoom Web conference

Past Meetings

Date Meeting Meetup Documents
22-Sept-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
25-Aug-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
28-July-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
23-June-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
26-May-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
28-Apr-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
24-Mar-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
24-Feb-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
27-Jan-2021 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
25-Nov-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
22-Oct-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
23-Sep-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
27-Aug-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
23-Jul-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
24-Jun-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
27-May-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
22-Apr-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
25-Mar-2020 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
26-Feb-2020 Executive Committee
22-Jan-2020 Executive Committee
27-Nov-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
23-Oct-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
25-Sep-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
28-Aug-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
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26-Jun-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
22-May-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
24-Apr-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
20-Mar-2019 Annual Business Meeting Agenda & Notes
27-Feb-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
23-Jan-2019 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
28-Nov-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
24-Oct-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
26-Sep-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
22-Aug-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
25-Jul-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
27-Jun-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
23-May-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Notes
25-Apr-2018 Executive Committee
Agenda & Notes . pptx
28-Mar-2018 Executive Committee Agenda - Minutes
21-Mar-2018 Annual Business Meeting Minutes
28-Feb-2018 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
24-Jan-2018 Executive Committee
Agenda & Minutes
29-Nov-2017 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
25-Oct-2017 Executive Committee
Agenda & Minutes
27-Sep-2017 Executive Committee
Agenda & Minutes
23-Aug-2017 Executive Committee
09-Aug-2017 New Volunteers
26-Jul-2017 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
28-Jun-2017 Executive Committee Agenda & Minutes
24-May-2017 Executive Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
26-Apr-2017 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
22-Mar-2017 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
22-Mar-2017 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
22-Feb-2017 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
25-Jan-2017 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
14-Dec-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
26-Oct-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
28-Sep-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
24-Aug-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
27-Jul-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
22-Jun-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
25-May-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
27-Apr-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
23-Mar-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
09-Mar-2016 Annual Business Agenda & Notes
24-Feb-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
27-Jan-2016 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
25-Nov-2015 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
28-Oct-2015 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
23-Sep-2015 Organizing Committee Meetup Agenda & Notes
26-Aug-2015 Organizing Committee Meetup
22-Jul-2015 Organizing Committee Meetup
17-Jul-2015 Programs Committee Meetup Bylaws


Chapter membership is free and is open to everyone; there is no requirement to be a National ACM member. The ACM provides chapter members with certain benefits including:
  • Complimentary three-month subscription to the Communications of the ACM
  • An domain email forwarding address
  • E-Newsletter including TechNews, CareerNews, and MemberNet

If you are interesting in joining the Orange County Chapter of the ACM fill out a request on the Contact tab, or better yet, register for our next meeting and introduce yourself.


The Orange County ACM Chapter would like to recognize the following organizations who have provided the chapter with financial and in-kind support:

Knobbe Martens Knobbe Martens
IEEE Orange County Computer Society IEEE OC
IBM Corporation IBM

We need additional sponsors to be able to continue to offer compelling program meetings, student computer science awards, and special events, and will appropriately recognize, your participation and support. Monetary contributions may be tax deductible.

If you wish to donate, contact our Treasurer at


Office Officer Contact
Chair Allen Takatsuka
Vice Chair Marc Velasco
Treasurer Nilo Niccolai, PhD
Secretary Daniel Whelan, PhD
Membership Chair Syed Hassan Ahmed, PhD
Communications Chair Farhad Mafie
Webmaster Tom Phillips
University Liaison Michael Fahy, PhD
SIGAI Liaison Ansel Teng, PhD
Program Speaker Coordinators Raman Rajan
Farhad Mafie
Program Video Coordinator Trae Palmer
Social Media Committee Kenneth Aguilar
Don Choi
Jeffrey Guerra
Cynthia Kirkeby
Trae Palmer
Gabriela Pinto
Membership Committee Dawn Childs
Members at Large Don V. Black, PhD
A. Winsor Brown
Shirley Tseng


Don V Black, PhD, realized in late 2013 that Orange County (OC) was ready for an ACM Chapter, and he decided to found such a Chapter.

Since five current ACM members in good standing were needed to sign a petition to start a Chapter, in September of 2014, he sent an email to his associates to sign the petition. Jeremy Harrington, Jenny Wang, Nilo Niccolai, Lynn Langit, Rebecca Perry, Daniel Whelan, Ken Bell, Keviin Fowler, Brian McCaleb, Dave Close, Lance Elliot, and Roger Whitney responded.

The following members attended the first lunch meetings held at the old University Club at UCI, and volunteered to serve as the first ACM officers in 2014.

  • Founding Chair: Don V Black, PhD
  • Vice Chair: Lance Elliot. PhD
  • Treasurer: Kevin Fowler
  • Secretary: Rebecca Perry, PhD
  • Communications: Jake Liang, PhD
  • Member-At-Large: Arthur Schwarz
  • University Liaison: Nilo Niccolai, PhD
  • Membership: Daniel Whelan, PhD
  • Programs: Dan Davis
  • Webmaster: Ken Bell
  • Mission Statement: Nilo Niccolai, PhD

A business manager at The UCI Institute for Innovation offered Don Black the use of the facility, which was yet to be built. Don took up the offer, and negotiated a free use of the facility for the GameSIG Showcase and ACM of OC. Don Black and others thought that since the demographics of both organizations included UCI students, they met the I4I criteria for free community support, and would increase visibility for the new UCI Institute for Innovation (I4I). They held on awesome GameSIG Showcase, and proceeded to promote ACM-OC bi-monthly presentations at the UCI I4I.

ACM-OC bi-monthly talks were extremely well received by the membership. At the suggestion of the Membership Chair, Daniel Whelan, Don Black followed the example of the San Francisco ACM Chapter, and added ACM-OC as one of his MeetUp groups.

Further details of this can be found at the ACM-OC archived website.

Past Chairs
Don V. Black, PhD
Daniel Whelan, PhD
Michael Fahy, PhD


OC-ACM Awards for Excellence in Computer Science
Recipient Institute Year
Trevor Kling Chapman University 2021
Graciela Orozco Cal State Fullerton 2021
Janeen Yamak Cal State Fullerton 2021
Oscar Olazabal Cal State Fullerton 2020
Lauren Sukumar Cal State Fullerton 2020
Samuel Kagan Chapman University 2020
Yuxin (Myles) Liu UC Irvine 2020
Nicole Fergie Chapman University 2019
Michael Seaman Chapman University 2018
Christopher Villanueva Cal State Fullerton 2018
Sharon Babu UC Irvine 2018
Joshua Graves Chapman University 2017
John Thorpe UC Irvine 2017
OC-ACM Awards for Excellence in Computer Game Science
Recipient Institute Year
Valeria Vikhliantseva Cal State Fullerton 2018
Natalie Nygaard UC Irvine 2017

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